One Page Year Calendar 2017

Calendar 2017

One Page Year Calendar 2017 – Each year we try to remember your feedback while designing a new calendar. So this year, when choosing colors we try to choose colors that work well together, but not print too bright.

We ended up with a green and peachy combo that we thought was fun but not too crazy. Easy to read and print well on gray scale on our printer, so we hope this will work well for you.

We also went east to read the font. We love beautiful script fonts, but we feel like we’re overloading the script. Here is the full size and one page year calendar 2017.

As you’ll see, we store them in the same layout as usual. The only thing we did differently was to add a line to dress a little. Nothing too fancy.

Full-Size (US Letter) 2017 Annual Calendar Printable Date for your long-term planning. Different again by printing savings every commissariat. What to say. For half-size versions, we listen to your new lik’s likes and upon returning to the initial layout every half year stay on its own page.

If you are new to Scattered Squirrel, to rip a copy of the printed item for yourself, just click on the image you want and the PDF version will be open for you to save. All printables are for personal use only.

So that is 2017 the date of the annual calendar prints by one page year calendar 2017 What are you thinking? We put the finishing touches on the monthly calendar. They just need a few tweaks and then they’ll hit the blog early next week.

The design that will carry this is one form of commitment in doing activities. With a single page design it will be easy to open or close your calendar page.


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