Personalized 12 Month Calendar 2017 on One Page

12 month calendar 2017

Personalized 12 month calendar 2017 on one page can be customized to meet your needs. This not only means that you can add photos of your choice to each monthly page but you can specify your front cover image and add a cover title as well as text to each page.

Moreover you can choose the order of displaying pictures, month start and end of your calendar. Along with options such as desired calendar size, this personalized photo calendars makes a great gift choice at every occasion and gives the receiver.

As a photo gift, photo calendars offer one of the largest numbers of images that can be added to any item without having to create a montage image. You can choose the image used on the front cover and you can also select each of the twelve monthly photos.

There are thirteen pictures to choose from for your US 12 month calendar 2017 on one page. The actual content of the image is completely your decision so you can use the receiver’s picture or on the subject you know it will appreciate.

In addition to selecting any printed image on the photo calendar, you can also specify an address for the front cover and captions for each month. Whether you choose to create photo calendars that include photos of pets, families, cars, or other topics, adding your captions or messages gives you a good level of editing that is not offered through other photo calendar templates.

Photo calendar is a very fast gift option. It takes very little effort for you – just choose and upload your photos and comments, let the photo calendar service do everything else, but the calendar can be designed, printed and sent directly to your door within 2-3 business days only.  Quality of US 12 month calendar 2017 on one page is mostly used high quality materials.


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