August 2018 Calendar Design

August 2018

August 2018Calendars are very common and goods are used in all types of homes, regardless of interior design. They are very versatile and they can customize their design with no ornament. We chose seven variants which we found very creative and beautiful. Choose what works best with your home and get to work.

You can choose August 2018 calendar sample paint. This is a design that can be customized, easy and fun to make. The required supplies are frame, sample coating in the color of your choice, poster board for background and glue.

Begin by trimming the selected color to the size you want. The labels you can use for weekdays must be smaller than calendar day. Then trim the poster plate to fit the frame. After that, glue the sample paint onto the label plate where it is inside the frame.  

Moreover you can also choose August 2018 with vintage design.  This is another fun project but the designs are based on very different from the traditional calendars that we all know. To make this one you need a fruit box, 12 postcards, 180 index cards lined with 4 x 6 ”, date stamps and paper segments.

First cut the index card in half. Then stamp the month and date on each card. This may take some time. Then, trim the postcards with the same index card width. It should be slightly longer than it is also. Arrange it by date and do it.

If your wall needs to be turned then this can be an interesting idea. August 2018 wall calendar takes up the entire wall, and it acts as an organizer. To make it, you need foam roller, some tape and blackboard paint. First make the wall you want to use measure and decide how to manage it. Then use the tape to divide it and apply blackboard paint to the wall.


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